Advance Coaching

Advance coaching does not mean you have to be a profesional surfing to do it. What it means is that we will use advance techniques and resources to help you get your surf to the next level. We do normally recommend to do this after you have surfed at least a hand full of times all the way in the line up, you catch unbroken/green face waves even if it is with the help of an instructor.

This training would also apply for intermediate and advanced surfers who need to start or continue to work on maneuvers.

Also if you feel you are not getting as many waves as you should, this is a good options.

On and advance coaching session we will talk about positioning, waves selection, reading the waves, checking conditions, etc. Our videographer will join us and record your moves in the water, a coach will be with you guiding you and after 90 minutes session we will work with the video and break down all your performance in the water. That might take around 90 more minutes, so it's a 3 hours session in total.