Nosara CR Surf School is located in Playa Guiones, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We are a local company committed to giving back to our community, protecting and caring for our beaches and most importantly sharing our love for surfing in a fun and safe environment. Our location in Playa Guiones serves as one of the best surfing destinations in the World, a place surrounded by Ostional Wildlife Refuge.

An this is one of our objectives, not only teach surfing, but show people our culture, how important is the nature for us as surfers, that connection that we have with nature that gives us a spot to play, meditate and keep us healthy.

The New York Times writes Scripts offers: "Some of the most reliable surf in the world, typically ranging from knee-high to double-overhead, with gentle white-water waves closer to the beach that are ideal for beginners."

With 6 kilometers of unspoiled sand and ideal conditions for a variety of activities, this small town is a little slice of paradise in Guanacaste. In fact, Playa Guiones recived Blue Flag under Costa Rica's Blue Flag Ecological Program which awards beaches for its pristine, eco-friendly and well-maintained beaches.

All of our surf programs emphasize safety and fun, but we also take the next step and teach our students to view the ocean with a surfer's eye so they can safely and confidently ride waves on their own. Our professional surf coaches have taught thousands of students and can assess and address poor techniques so students can improve and move forward on their surfing path. All of our surf lessons, surf classes, and surf camps include the use of quality surfboards and all the equipment necessary required in the lesson.



We become aware with our environment that the fights for the conservation of the environment belong to us. We focus our company towards a more sustainable way of life and for this we are based on different factors that help us achieve our objectives in this aspect. We focus on 3 very important points like: - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle One of our main focuses is to commit our selves to our community and environment, contributing to part of our time as to thank you where we will operate day by day. -Costas Verdes - Barriguiones -Local Schools - Social projects.



We live in a beautiful community, there are different ways to help these projects and the way we do it is giving back what we can. 

One of our commitments is to work with our community providing surf camps for children and young people creating a positive impact on each of them, moving away from the situations that today can find in the streets.

We are part of the Nosara Ocean Safety Program (NOS), which aims to have a knowledgeable community, identify the conditions in the water like currents, etc. Teach the community how to identify potential victims and how to react in those situations, how to use the techniques they have thought us.
Nosara CR Surf School provides material to perform the trainings and we are committed to assist to all of the trainings so we help keep everyone safe.

Another important project is the Nosara Food Bank, and we are also trying to help as much as we can.

Remember that you can go straight to any of these project to help in different ways.


Each lesson will be focused on each person who visits us and will experience our culture,  Instructors are local and active surfers so our clients will take some of our Pura Vida home.