Why Nosara?, Oct 4 2018

Playa Guiones, Nosara has become one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world for its impressive waves, great people and the pura vida vibe. Nosara is one of the lesser known surf spots, which makes it one of the most desirable for beginners and people who want to improve their surfing techniques. Don’t worry about surfboards of fellow beginners flying towards you on. Nosara offers mellow, accessible beach breaks that make learning to surf as much fun as you expect it to be.


IT’S not every day that you step out from a sunset surf session straight into a jungle habitat of howler monkeys dangling in leafy guarumo trees, cicadas conducting a symphony, and a pair of white-nosed coati — raccoon-like animals with striped tails and masks — strolling across a dirt road, sending geckos darting out of their path. It was so enchanting that I even forget to swat at the mosquitoes hovering about, getting ready to divebomb my legs.

Such is the charm of Nosara, a small village in the Nicoya Peninsula, on the northwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This hamlet’s remoteness has long kept the crowds away, but surfers in the know — like the big-wave legend Richard Schmidt — have been making the pilgrimage for years. Now aspiring wave-riders far from the world tour are heading there for the handful of surf schools that have popped up around town, and for the undeveloped jungle beauty, small hotels and yoga culture

By: Jordan López