Maikol Alvarez, was born and raised in Nosara. Born in 1995, he started surfing more than 10 years ago. He is a person who loves what he does, has no disengagement about anything, which leads him to express his experience in an almost perfect way, which helps that each of his surf lessons are super professional. His experience has taken him to the level of teaching any level of surfing from beginners to preparing surfers who want to take their surfing to next level by means of intensive surf training programs. He has been teaching surfing for more than 5 years, has a great experience both nationally and internationally as a surfing coach, currently certified by International Surf Asociation in its initials ISA as a surfing coach and by International Life Saving ILS as a lifeguard.
Maikol surfs short board and long board, currently is longboard champion of one of the recognized tournaments in Costa Rica as BiCorona by Boletines Surf. The preferred sizes on surfboard are 6¨0 or long board 9’0.
Fun, Kids call him Maui