°1. Private Lesson - 90 Minutes

Private lesson 90 minutes long. Great Option for Advancing Quickly

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°2. About Semi Private Lesson - 90 Minutes


90 minutes long, Semi Private lessons consist of 2 people per lesson and is a great way to learn with your friends or loved ones.

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°3. Group Lessons - 90 Minutes

90 minutes long. Group lessons begin with three people and are no larger than four people. Meet new friends who like you are learning to surf. You may also arrange your own groups of 3-4 people.

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Surfing is a sport that consists of sliding on the waves of the sea on a table, standing, for which it requires a variety of skills, such as balance, strength, and coordination. However, all these aspects can improve much more with the practice of this aquatic activity, so in Nosara CR Surf School we have professionals who simplify your learning, how to surf, but above all know how to coexist with the sea and its surroundings. SURF WITH US !